The Ajami Foundation provides aid and relief to displaced persons and persons in crisis situations

The sole mission of the foundation is to help rebuild Beirut, support the families affected and promote the long-term recovery of Lebanon in the following ways

Rehome displaced persons by offering alternative shelter and housing solutions

Reconstruct damaged homes to provide for safe and secure living conditions

Rebuild SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) to enable them to reopen

Launch an SME program that supports livelihoods, promotes financial independence and helps the long-term economic recovery of Beirut, and Lebanon at large

Our Story

We are Ibrahim and Annelie Ajami. At the time of the explosion, 4 August 2020, we had only been married for 2 weeks. A certain amalgamation of events led to us not being present in our, port-facing, hotel room when disaster struck. A stroke of luck and God’s hand.


What we do

We provide housing to displaced persons and families for a minimum of 6 months to help cushion the devastating impact on those that have lost their homes and are unable to return home

We conduct in-depth needs assessments on the ground to identify the most vulnerable people and families to ensure the integrity of our mission

We reconstruct destroyed homes to make them safe and secure for inhabitants

We help restart and revive SMEs in order to get back on their feet. We do this in two different ways:

  1. Basic - Rebuild impacted SMEs so they can operate again

  2. Ajami SME Program - Supporting SMEs through financial support (grants, debts/loan or investment) and non-financial support (coaching, partnerships, and/or connecting to global network)


The team has been working tirelessly since the explosion to help provide for immediate relief to those affected. 

80 homes were assessed 

20 homes were reconstructed 

2 families were rehomed

10 businesses were reconstructed

3 businesses onboarded onto the Ajami SME Program

20 families supported with basic necessities

8 different areas were covered in Beirut

3 trusted NGO partnerships


How we measure and report

Quarterly reports – detailing type of aid provided and progress of individuals and families

Key updates on major events for certain families

Semi-annual foundation report on the progress and impact we are making


How to contribute


The foundation is now accepting donations from friends and family

We accept as little as $10. Any amount will make an impact!


We aim to partner with, and work alongside, other reputable and trustworth organizations that are focused on rebuilding Beirut.

These partnerships will help us coordinate our efforts and create joint missions to ensure maximum impact

Our partners will help us identify persons in need

Service providers

We are looking for all services providers – homebuilding, contractors, teachers, small business service providers that can help families and individuals with rebuilding their lives


Volunteers who can help us on the ground in Beirut to coordinate our mission i.e. by identifying persons in need, identifying immediate needs, executing on our mission, and reporting on our progress and impact

Volunteers who can help drive our local and global fundraising efforts

Volunteers who can assist us with content creation, website management and social media strategy